“The Three Orders” (2014)

Fictional short film about how music allows the ordinary life to enter worlds within our minds to escape the mundane life. Such as transition of commutation during the ordinary daily cycle, eating, so on and so forth. How music adds colour and variety to our world.



Content and Form

I will depict a person going about his daily commutation or daily occurrences, POV style. But the moment he puts on his earpiece, music floods into his mind and he starts perceiving the world differently through use of footage manipulation, possibly appropriated videos, or control over his POV as well as visual graphics in relation to the individual’s vision (e.g. light painting, graphic doodles on video).

The scenes transit when he presses next on his mp3 player. As he listens to a different song in genre and content every day, a different style in his perception will take form, drawing him away from full reality into different worlds. But there will always be a tinge of reality in every style (e.g background blurred reality, Shapes of surrounding people).



In this project one of the experimentation factors would be how I would use stereotypes and mental structures that people can relate to, of the different forms of music to manipulate the ordinary picture. For example, distortion to dubstep, or perhaps calmness to classical music. Also, how music affects the elements in the picture to strengthen the visual and aural link such as waveforms.